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Who We Serve

Dental Practice Owners

Implementing strategic business, clinical, staffing and financial operations
for your practice is critical to your success as a dental office. Many practice
owners find themselves overwhelmed by the business of dentistry and,
consequently, distracted from the practice of dentistry. The KAD Group
exists to make the business of dentistry seamless for your practice so
that your team can focus on what matters most: providing excellent
clinical care for your patients.

Dental Start Ups

Opening a new dental practice can be simultaneously exciting and
overwhelming. KAD Dental puts the new practice dream into focus by
walking doctors through the entire process of opening a new dental
practice from finding a location to coordinating with lenders, vendors
and construction companies through implementing all your practice’s
business and operational structures. If you are considering a new dental
practice, KAD Dental is here to help you navigate every detail from
inception to opening day.

Dental Students

The dental school experience is one of the most important
periods of the dentist’s career. During dental school, many dentists
find that they would like to build on their clinical education by
learning more about the business of dentistry as well as the opportunities
that await them upon graduation. KAD Dental offers career coaching,
business training and job placement for the dental student.

Associate Dentists

Associate dentists are in a unique position to practice dentistry while not
attending to the responsibility of practice ownership. As such, they have
access to a host of opportunities unique to the practice owner. Opportunity,
however, often comes with confusion as the associate faces too many great
choices. They may wonder whether they should serve as a long-term
associate, open their own dental practice or purchase an existing practice.
The field of dentistry generally encourages practice ownership, but to be sure,
practice ownership is not for every dentist. For the associate who wishes
to remain a long-term associate, it may be difficult to find the “right” practice
where the dentist’s skills and contributions are properly rewarded.
KAD Dental offers career coaching and job placement for the associate
dentist navigating these decisions.

What KAD Provides Dental Professionals

KAD believes that non-DDS dental professionals hold tremendous value in
dentistry. Tools abound for the dentist but those resources are often geared
toward the dentist’s career and the health and growth of the dental practice.
KAD believes that the future of dentistry lies in the hands of ALL dental
professionals. As such, we have we have created programs designed
specifically for the individual careers of the non-DDS professional.

Are you interested in moving into the dental field but don’t know
where to begin? Are you an experienced assistant, hygienist or dental
business team member that needs help knowing next steps in your
career? Do you wish that you had a better relationship with your dentist
or office manager? Do you wonder where your career is going?
Do you feel like the focus is on the practice or dentist, but not
your individual career? KAD can help!

Career Coaching | Leadership Coaching | Dental Business Training

How can KAD help your dental career?