Your Passion is Our Business

Your business is more than the products that you sell or the services you provide– it represents your life’s passion and dreams.

Most business owners are strong in their specific craft but intimidated by the business side of their industry. KAD is here to ease the anxieties of business ownership, whether you are a start up or established enterprise. It is our goal to assist you in making sure that your business remains your passion by providing you with the services, tools and practical advice you need to build your business and maintain your competitive strength. And, when times of transition come for your organization, you can rely on our industry insights to navigate your business into the next phase, whether through sale, acquisition, merger or anything in between.

Equip | Empower | Educate

Every business is unique, as each is comprised of its own spectrum of people and processes. The KAD Group’s committment is to understand the people, process and numbers behind your business so that we can equip, empower and educate the people who bring value to your business and the marketplace your business services.

Our Guiding Principles

The KAD brand embodies the friendship and professional collaboration of the Kendall and Davis families, including the Davis’ child and the four Kendall children. Named after those 5, the company created the KAD5.

Integrity | Substance | Consistency | Competency | Trust

When you engage KAD for business services, you can trust that these 5 principles
will be embedded in our work and in the ways we equip, empower and educate
you and your team.

Complimentary Consultation