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Whether through acquisition, merger or anything in between, business transitions require expert guidance. The KAD transition team create an expertly crafted business transition plan that puts the goals, priorities and strategies in place necessary for a successful transition.

Transition Services

Exit PlanHaving a well contemplated business structure and exit plan in place are absolutely critical to meeting the goals of all interested parties. Unfortunately, these goals, at times, can be left undefined, leaving it uncertain on how to meet these important goals. The KAD Group regularly assists its clients with keeping the end goal in mind, and organizing what must fall into place to make that happen.

ValuationValuation of a business is central to an owner’s ability to meet certain financial and personal goals. Not only can The KAD Group assist an owner in providing a valuation of a business, KAD also guides an owner in how to increase the underlying value of a business by implementing good business practices, often times years before a valuation is necessary for a transaction.

PlanningAll businesses produce data. The key is understanding what the data means, and, just as importantly, what to do with that data. The KAD Group assists its clients with the compilation, assimilation, and organizing the data a business produces into real-world, digestible pieces to ensure that the client is meeting the required metrics to meet his or her strategic goals.

& Wealth
PreservationA top concern of many of the clients of The KAD Group is the ability to keep, to enjoy, and to transfer the wealth they have accumulated in the most streamlined, tax efficient manner. The KAD Group regularly addresses the issues that commonly arise in various business transactions, not only from a business perspective but also from an income and estate tax perspective.

NegotiationsOur clients lead very busy and successful lives, and, as such, they lean on the experience of The KAD Group to assist them in navigating the intricacies of all types of business deals. From human resource capital to negotiating a practice buyout, our clients trust The KAD Group to assist them in obtaining the most favorable outcome, while keeping their strategic goals in mind throughout the process.

Due Diligence
& ClosingBusiness purchases and sales can be fraught with a myriad of details, all of which can lead to adverse consequences if not adequately addressed. Asking for the right information is critical in making sure that a business owner can make an informed decision on a certain transaction. And while having all the right information is important, using that information to negotiate all the details through closing, is just as important. Allow The KAD Group to assist you with ensuring that the proper information is collected and utilized in such a way to give you the best landscape of options for you to pursue the transaction to closing or otherwise. The KAD Group can be there every step of the way.

TransitionThe KAD Group has extensive experience in the details of all types of dental transitions, from purchasing your first practice, entering into an associate partnership, or selling privately or corporately owned practices. Each type of transition has its own set of possibilities, and there is no one way that works for everyone. You can trust The KAD Group to analyze the transaction from your unique perspective and provide a customized plan for you, with The KAD Group being there every step of the way.

AppraisalsWithout having a proper appraisal, a potentially attractive business opportunity can become a nightmare. The KAD Group can assist its clients with making sure that a proper dental practice appraisal is in place so that a realistic picture of the financial health of a practice can be analyzed properly. Further, owning dentists can engage The KAD Group for appraisals to see if certain metrics are being met as part of their overall strategic planning.

SalesOwning dentists place a tremendous amount at risk every day in operating their practices. When the time comes to transition away, the dentist wants to realize a sizeable return on his or her practice; however, without proper legacy planning, such dreams may be impossible to obtain. The KAD Group provides consultation to maximize the potential sales price of a practice, and, at the appropriate time, advises the owning dentist with the best solution based on his or her unique, needs, preferences, and goals.

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    Every business will face transition,
    the successful ones are prepared.
    ~ Haylee N. Davis, Principal

    Reasons & Timing for Transitions and Appraisals

    Many of our clients wonder when and why they will need to consider a transition for their business. For some, the transition is expected because an owner wants to bring on a partner, bring an adult child or other relative into the business, retire or otherwise change the dynamic of his or her ownership of the organization. Other times, the transition comes shockingly at the point of the death, disability or divorce of an owner or other key employee. One of the most crucial elements to a seamless transition is preparation. If you own or manage a closely held business, you should have a transition plan in place that covers everything from wealth preservation to disaster planning and everything in between.

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